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Promotional support

Event visibility

The best solutions for promoting your event!

At ExpoCité, the success of your event is our one and only priority. Outdoor signage, online advertising, targeted distribution: we offer a range of support solutions so your event gets the best visibility possible!

Outdoor signage

Banner on the Centre de foires exhibition centre

It is also possible to create a banner to advertise your event. The banner is installed behind the exhibition centre and is visible from the Laurentian Highway (northbound).

  • Maximum dimensions: 40 x 10 feet
  • Advertising reach: approximately 17,000 vehicles per day

Online advertising

Event calendar

All public events are advertised in the calendar on the ExpoCité website.


A webpage containing a full range of useful information for visitors (dates, times, rates, official site link, etc.) is created for each event.

Ticket sales

Events requiring tickets are also displayed on the website of our partner Ticketpro, boosting your visibility even more!

Indoor signage

A network of digital display screens advertises the current and upcoming events that will be held inside the exhibition centre. A range of customization opportunities are available for your event and your partners.

Targeted distribution

As part of a targeted distribution platform, a monthly event calendar is sent to Quebec's Tourism Office (OTQ), restaurants, hotels and other cultural and tourism stakeholders in the region.

Visual ID program

ExpoCité has a visual ID program that includes a graphic standards guide, which formally sets out the rules for reproducing Québec City’s graphic signatures

Consult Reference documents

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