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At ExpoCité, sustainability goes beyond environmental considerations. It aims to meet the needs of our organizers and visitors while also respecting those of future generations.

ExpoCité is committed to sustainable development through a collective interest approach, at the intersection of environmental, economic, and social pillars. Our objectives include: 

  • Combatting Climate Change
  • Implementing sustainable practices to reduce our carbon footprint
  • Preserving Biodiversity, Ecosystems, and Resources
  • Fostering Social Cohesion and Individual Well-Being
  • Promoting Development Based on Responsible Modes of Production and Consumption

Waste Management: Reduce, Recover, and Valorize

We aim to achieve a valorization rate of 75%. With our standardized collection system integrated into daily routines, waste and compostable material management is free and included in our offer, so you do not pay extra for this service.

Water Fountains

Throughout the site, you have free access to high-quality filtered water. We have installed water fountains directly connected to the Quebec City water mains and equipped with high-performance filters. 

In indoor public areas, you will also find contactless chilled water fountains, ideal for filling reusable water bottles and reducing the use of single-use plastic! 

Responsible Food Services

  • Collection of compostable materials in preparation kitchens
  • Choice of menus and beverages incorporating regional products
  • Distribution of surplus food production to charity organizations
  • Meal service in porcelain equipment

Eco-friendly options for transportation and city travel

With its strategic location in the center of Quebec City, ExpoCité is easily accessible by public transportation, bicycle, or even on foot.