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Facilities and rooms

So many possibilities

Our spaces can be transformed to match your vision, no matter how imaginative!

Organizing a sports or corporate event, concert, convention, trade show, conference, banquet or reception? There’s a perfect venue for every event at ExpoCité. Want to have access to an outdoor space or combine pavilions? Want to get off the beaten path, and do things a little differently? We love a good challenge!


Centre de foires

With its many multi-purpose rooms on two floors, the Centre de foires is the place for your trade shows, concerts, banquets and business meetings.

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Pavillon de la jeunesse

Modern and cutting-edge, the Pavillion de la jeunesse is a multi-purpose amphitheatre that can be used for sports competitions and cultural events.

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Videotron Centre

The lobby, suites, rinks and other areas of this super-modern amphitheatre can be rented for large-scale events.  

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Le Grand Marché de Québec

The region’s new gourmet destination, Le Grand Marché de Québec is the perfect place for an after-work get-together, cocktail event, reception or any other activity.

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Place Jean-Béliveau and outdoor spaces

Place Jean-Béliveau and ExpoCité’s outdoor spaces can welcome outdoor events of all kinds and in all seasons.

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Maps, specs and technical details

Explore the venues available for rent at ExpoCité. Consult detailed information on the facilities and the layout of various rooms and their capacities. We’ve got the perfect location for your event!