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Reference documents

Guides, floor plans, graphic standards

Practical information for organizers and exhibitors.

To make it easier to organize your event, we have gathered all the tools and resources you will need, including guides, manuals and purchase orders. These documents will provide you with a wealth of useful information on ExpoCité’s operations and are designed to help you access the available services.

Building documents


Centre de foires exhibition centre



Purchase orders

Centre de foires Floor plans

Centre de foires AutoCAD plans

Pavillon de la jeunesse

Floor plans

Pavillon de la jeunesse AutoCAD plans

Place Jean-Béliveau

Place Jean-Béliveau plans

Le Grand Marché and Videotron Centre

To obtain documents for Le Grand Marché or the Videotron Centre, please contact their building managers directly.

ExpoCité's visual ID program

ExpoCité has a visual ID program that includes a graphic standards guide, which formally sets out the rules for reproducing Québec City’s graphic signatures.

Graphic standards guides



Centre de foires

Québec City and boroughs

Ready for the big day?

A wealth of useful information at a glance

Locate the buildings, loading bays and nearby parking areas to facilitate your arrival at ExpoCité.