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On the ExpoCité site

We are counting on your cooperation to ensure that your visit to ExpoCité is a safe and pleasant experience for everyone concerned.

This section lists the main rules to follow while on the site.


Only service dogs for disabled persons are authorized inside the buildings.
During outdoor events, this rule applies to reserved areas as well. The presence of other animals must be approved in advance by ExpoCité's representatives.

Only dogs and cats on a leash are permitted on the outdoor site and must never be left unattended. For further information, please consult municipal regulation R.V.Q.-1059.

Smoke-free buildings and event areas

ExpoCité is pleased to offer a smoke-free environment. Therefore, both smoking and “vaping” are prohibited within a distance of 9 metres of all buildings, without exception. During outdoor events, this rule applies to reserved areas as well.


Traffic on the site is governed by the municipal traffic regulations that apply to roads and public parking (R.C.A. 1V.Q 171).


While events are being set up and taken down, children under 16 years of age are prohibited from the event areas, to ensure their safety.


Fires are prohibited on the ExpoCité site.

Cleanliness and the environment

Kindly keep the site clean. Please deposit trash in the receptacles provided.

Cutting or breaking trees or branches on the site is prohibited, as is cleaning your vehicle and equipment.

Other rules

Please note that specific rules may apply to individual buildings on the ExpoCité site.

Since the ExpoCité site is managed by Québec City, all municipal regulations also apply.

If you have any comments, complaints or suggestions,  contact us.