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Map of outdoor spaces

More than 91,000 square meters of possibilities!

Capacities and dimensions of the various spaces

Many of the outdoor spaces can be combined. Place Jean-Béliveau and the woodland are landscaped while the other outdoor areas are paved.

Spaces Square feet Square meters
Place Jean-Béliveau 54,895 5,100
Woodland 79,115 7,350
P1 299,900 27,870
P1A 73,000 6,780
P2 48,000 4,460
P3A 81,000 7,525
P6A 65,000 6,040
P6B 80,000 7,430
P7 170,000 15,795
P9 29,000 2,695

Materials, equipment and services

Place Jean-Béliveau and the woodland

P1 and P1A outdoor areas

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